lioness' pride

I hear men on top of cliffs roaring their names with all their pride.

Looking down upon me like they’re expecting a parade.

While the lioness are out hunting for their prey

So their cubs can be fed another day  

I grew up with men always knowing how to love And build intense fires

But the blazing flames that fueled their pride  never

lasted long enough to keep a body warm

The woman in my family always maintained this flame

But never sought recognition they knew that as long

As their children were warm, the burn marks upon their skin

Are a medal to their sacrifice  

So don’t tell me to lower my feminist voice

When i still hear the cries of women in dark alleys

Don’t tell me to calm myself down when i still see

Little girls putting effort to change their bodies

Don’t tell me to cover up my body when you men roam

These streets looking for an easy prey, whether they

Were covered or uncovered he still will Take off

his shirt by day knowing that last night he had trespassed  

A woman's body. Don’t tell me that i need to see that times have

Changed when i still see men creating revolutions

And women only making movements. It is easy to say

That times have changed and that women are in an equal position

But as i step on this platform i feel unbalance because

The surface in which i am standing on is tilted downward

towards my direction.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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