Little Girl

Little girl,

With your feet on

The ground and eyes pointed toward the sky,

Never forget these moments.


From the ground you existed,

And to the ground you shall return.

That is all you ever were and ever will be,  

For you are moony and misguided, they say.


You must await the moment-

The feeling that propels your heart forward to race the clock-

When the hands of a lover pulls you from the dirt.

You poor thing, a lover is to keep you rooted in mind, so they say.


The moment you waited for so long arrives.

The soles of a man’s boots stumble along your path.

As he sees your beauty and untamable radiance,

He pulls you from the dirt.


Elated, you feel accepted and wanted.

Before this moment, travelers and passersby crushed

Your sweet soul and the nectar of your tender heart.

This time was different, so you thought.


He picked you among the other beautiful girls,

He wanted you all to his own.

He looked at you with awe and showed you off to his friends.

You thought, these moments could not get any better.


Shortly thereafter, you fell ill.

The only man who admired you left you to crumble and fade.

If only you had the power to choose the man whom your heart loves.

If only you could reverse the clock.


Little girl,

If only you had remembered they are not you.

You precious gem,

You exude life, breathe miracles, and produce new beginnings.


Little girl,

If only they had told you,

You carry the seeds of our future.

If only you knew.  

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Our world
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This poem is absolutely brilliant, the extended metaphor clearly denotes rich foreknowledge in this area, Hannah, your poem makes me think twice about the wonderful women in our society especially those who have been emotionally mistreated...I hope other people read this and think about your message as well :)

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