The Little Mermaid Twist

I sit in my dark mysterious cave, my crystal ball illuminates my face while I watch her explore the darkness of the sea, a beautiful and curious young girl. I keep an ear out for Triton, her father and my ex who banished me to this cave. Little does poor Ariel know, I am her mother. I watch her peer onto a ship where the lovely prince charming sits. I knew this was my chance to get closer to her. King Triton forbided me from ever getting close to Ariel. Triton does not know that Ariel has been sneeking away anyhow, so maybe she can sneek into my cave where I can offer her something he cannot. Ariel dreamed about becoming human so she can be with her true love, Eric. I lured Ariel into my cave using my sneeky sea eels. Once she arrived I asked her to sign away her voice to become human. If she could make Prince Eric fall inlove AND kiss her in three days, then she would get her voice back and keep the legs. Ariel signed away her voice as effortlessly as the current pulls the sand. Suddenly Ariel was on land with these legs that she did not know how to use. After sitting there shortly Prince Eric found her and whispted her away to get her some clothes! All it took was one evening at dinner for Prince Eric to feel something for Ariel. As I watched from my crystal ball I knew she would have no problem completing the task. This is when I began to worry, if Ariel succeeded I would lose her. This is when I got the plan of turning myself into a beautiful young girl with Ariel's voice. Now the competition would be fierce and Ariel would lose her Prince. Ariel will return to the sea where I can keep an eye on her. 


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