Living In God's Blind Spot

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 22:46 -- tsuriel


Silence deafens here in God’s blind spot,

Can't do anything wrong, I'm

Too young but

Too old but

Too bold but

Too so-so but

Mostly too, too.



Devil’s cognitions sleep in your idle-ass but thoughts,

Seas of arms drag your every thought and step down, and

The cement clenches having seeped deep.

You are here now and it's always now.



It’s outlined, it’s heavy here and we know it

We feel it in the way weighted lips,

Move in one heavy swallow.

If you can’t read you can’t speak

If you can’t speak you can’t think

So someone else will think for you.



It’s heavy here, the sun strokes broad

Everything’s framed black red rust iron

On the wall where you can picture yourself.

You think it’s left, you think it’s right, but

 It’s a whole new direction, step forward.


Even when a sea of arms bring

Your every thought down, you'll think.

You'll think hard and

Hell, the smoke will rise narrowly

When it's the only thing to float.


It's working.

And when they can’t see it

You’ll see it

Like we've ain’t ever seen it before.




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