Living in a Tear

Has my breath of life expired?
My will congealed
No longer is there a fire ablaze, only a mere pile of smoldering ashes Waiting for a gust of hope from a van of an angels wing to
Reignite me!!

I don’t believe in quittances.
I’ve grown mute to the whispers that surround me

Thoughts in braille; unfelt

Unbeknownst darkness has stolen my sunshine
A cuddling pet name, once adored, now froths at the heart
The patriarch is old and withering; yet still carries the vigor & roar of a young lion
And here I stand on charred timber limbs

Tar seeping from every pore, collecting me into this web of darkness
Too many years I’ve wasted in this labyrinth, drowning in my own womb; wishing for some knight to free me my from the entanglements

No longer am I willing to live in this catacomb, amongst my skeletons and beloveds
Trapped in this dark maze, I must rip through this veil of dust and find my way back to the garden

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