Look Closer

Mon, 08/05/2013 - 21:22 -- KiDkEyZ



To Some, Rain fall may leave, a Repugnant Cynical Feeling
To Some, Thunder may leave a since of fear and worry
To some pain may leave a quitter in its never ending hurtful trail
& To some love may leave deep reminding Scars

To Me Rain Gives Life, Joy, & a Replenished Mind Of Thoughts as Beautiful & free flowing as The Crystal River
To me Thunder is God Singing a calming, Peaceful, and clear as diamond melody only hurd by those willing to displace the since of fear that is  bestowed in us by the incredibly limited standards of society, and not hear the thunder but actually Listen To Him
To me pain is the test of a mans true ambitions hidden deep down inside in witch only he can access, and if done leaves the door to success as open as life it self
& To me love is a life lesson far more complex then rocket science but as simple as the first 1st grade lesson,
To me love cuts deep as the oceans lowest level with not a drop of remorse 

And leaves scars only to welcome wisdom, knowledge, joys flying high as the highest mountain, accompanied by none other then pain to drag you as low as the lowest valley

But Its all in how you perceive the glass given to you
As the capacity may seem out of your control
Its in fact the exact opposite.



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