who i was and who i am

became strangers so quickly when did I begin to lose myself

I got caught in the wind and it took me places

I never planned on going 

I was traveling but unaware of my destiniation 

I allowed my surrounding to take me and mold me 

where did i go wrong?

I became who they wanted me to be

how could I be so stupid 

I was changing with the world and

lost myself in the midst of it of it all

I was incapable of staying true to myself

the stinging feeling of being inadequate made me

no direction lost in confusion 

unbelievably intrigued 

i took all that i felt and began to write 

one sudden mistake it became something so

beautiful every each of me had pure desire 

to overcome what has been placed over me as a burden

the feeling of nothingness suddently disapeard

as i lifted my pen to write 

the places i visted became my inspiration 

the person i was gave me hope for better days

the world changed me but i finally realized who 

was truly in charge 

every single flaw that drove me crazy

finally drove me into the right places 

funny how things turn out i found the good 

in the bad and found the flawless in the flaw



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