Lost the War

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 19:24 -- sayqur1


Lost the War

My cousin lost the war.

So did my grand-uncle and another cousin and another cousin and an uncle.

Another relative was killed in the war "Civil Casualty".

The wars were fought in the different battlefields

In the dark crimsom hospital room,

lay away dozens upon hundreds of my family 

and they lost the war.

Another few were lost in the hell-hole of my parent's country

In the vague plains of Kandahar and Badakshan lay waste to my family

My country, my humankind

But, I guess it doesn't matter we lost the war.


By: Sayed (Yousuf) Quraishi 



Inspired by the struggle


Notes: Yousuf is what my parents call me but isn't really my legal first name

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