They always say, "Quiet down,

use your Inside Voice." 

but after last year,

I know that's not a choice.


I've learned to Love Louder,

Think Louder, Act Louder, Be Louder,

when being called a Loudmouth,

I couldn't be prouder.


Since my Passions lie in my Hobbies and my Beliefs,

I decided to follow my Head and Heart

(For what's Enthusiasm without Intellect to put it into proper Action?)

And on my guided Travels, I was led to the Arts.


Writing, Music, Films, Paintings,

Every form of Artistry,

Through my Brush, my Pen, my words,

I let my Love of Art flow freely.


I used to charge a penny for my Thoughts

Now I'll share them for free

Because I'm strong in what I Believe,

and I Believe in Common Decency.


Some may say that Ignorance is Bliss, 

And that may be, but it's not the life for me 

So I learned all that I can,

So I can oppose Ignorance indubitably.


I saw so much Darkness in the last year,

But if I can believe in Magic, I can believe in inherent Morality.

Last year I started to use my Inside Voice --

And take the Passion Inside my Heart and Voice it LOUDLY. 

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