The Love I Have

Always felt empty till I found you.

I love you because you never want me to change.

That you love me even though we are miles apart.

That you show me love although I cannot feel your touch.

I love that you search for me, like I do you.

That you listen and give me advice when I need.

Changing my perspective on how I look at things.

That we share a bound, we can only call our own.

I love that you stand by me and keep me safe.

That you embrace me, when I need comfort.

Because I love you, you make me spontaneous.

I love that you dream big and have a full heart.

That we have no doubt and trust fully.

Because I love you, I became stronger.

Because I love you, you encourage me.

And because I love you, we are partners.

You are mine and I am yours.

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