Love, Loss and Tragedy

Thu, 09/05/2013 - 19:15 -- Mcat06


Something comes to a close
a seal placed on an official envelope
on the label reads "love/loss/and tragedy"
simply making emotions a formality.

Before there was hope, of something slipping through,
of tearing open the emptiness that only grew.
The feeling was mutual, or so it seemed
when love meant what it was intended to be.

I guess somehow that all seemed to disappear,
the ink ran into confusion as the end drew near.
Misunderstood words had an impact so great
that before we even knew it, the postman concluded our fate.

Your indecisiveness lead to distress
something we desperately needed to address.
The words "pretend" and "force" hit the air,
the stamp that came from nowhere.

Instead of excitement at the sound of new mail
a feeling of loss seemed to be what would avail.
Contemplating the words just spoken
and wondering why my heart had been broken.

It seemed to get clearer as time went on,
delaying the delivery of the outcome could not last long.
Ceasing it was all we could do,
even though it would leave my heart in two.

No regrets do we share nor have in our souls,
from my end, only wishes are in control.
Wishes of changes that could have prevented this mess,
and these I know are pointless to attest.

If only you knew how from this end it felt,
to be constant and true but the other to doubt.  
To be the receiver of the disappointing news,
instead of the one to press the seal on these official issues.

Move on we will, with our lives and our ideals,
to get a new pen, and write how this feels.
The time we shared I shall not forget,
and the feeling of loss I will not let ferment.

So thank you for what you've given me,
a closing on this document of love, loss, and tragedy.


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