Love is Love

Love is love.
It cannot be contained;
Love is love.
It has no boundaries, no laws;
That the government tries to press on us;
No social constraints;
That others turn their backs at lost causes;
That others discriminate their fellow brothers and sisters just because of their soulmate;
Love is love.
It should not be stricken by the whip, or pushed to the back of the bus;
It should not be the cause of the multitude of fatalities while the others are sitting back in their La-Z-Boy's;
It should not be something that determines life or death;
Love is love.
It should not be the cause of others cowering in fear;
While the only one who accepted them for who they were is held at gunpoint;
Love is love.
No matter who you are;
Colors of the rainbow, black or white;
gay or straight;
You are loved.
Be proud of who you are.
Love is love.
And love shall live on.

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