Loveless Criminals


Innocence was all she embodied.
Pulled away from the safe havens she dreamt in
Taken into the grim realities, a man's brutality.
Biting winters that snipped at her soul, the thought of stealing her body, but it was so much more.

Left the sedate night illustrated only in purity.
Her heart embellished in gems of life that would light tonight's murderous skies.
She was the target but was never the blame;
Why should she be to blame for their beastly hands that feel no shame.

Under the moon echoed her screams of the vile bodies and gruesome beliefs.
Her light that was so evident lost in the midst of terrified weeps and agonizing calls.
Stuck, stabbed and scarred by the vicious truth of the matter.

Her tears sobbed Why with each yell Help that would shatter.
Carcass thrown, soul devoured.
Her shrieks whither into a silent prayer begging to awake from tonight's encounter.


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