Loves' Meaning

"A wise man once said, " and when your fourth love leaves you, you will want to kill yourself. But you won't. Because you will no longer see suicide as a house you will build someday."
You see, unto you, I've see an array of colors.
 Like the impending death seen before the eyes of the estranged, I see life with a new value.
Those colors have run through my crimson, and soaked into my soul.
Through my jubilant jades and my cringed cyan. All the color was intensified by something I've seen.
Yes, I've loved.
I've let my blood flow so fast through my veins that I was closer to blowing my brains.
I would let my words fall into pages, my ink crawl into tight spaces.
My colors sought redemption , looking for someone to illuminate their shades.
But it wasn't love that brought them forth, No,
It was the recognition of what a relationship sought.
You see, love is now a meaningless thing.
Its an endless search for a small time fate.
Its a look for something that is not keep-sake.
You see, my words, may they not hold such silken diction, will prove such vibrance through other means.
My colors, let them flow from their realizations.
For what they build is something stronger than any foundation.
Because foundation, broken or not.
Is nothing compared to my art that holds no Flaw.

But how does that relate to my quote?
Well you see, when you open your eyes. Read a little more in between the lines. Shall I quoth more, from my own words. " It wasn't love that brought [My Colors] forth" but it was true loves heart break that taught me how to see beyond all what's adored.
So when I say, I love you, remember this.
My words are worth more than gold served on a silver dish."

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