Wed, 10/01/2014 - 15:22 -- CerGio


C20H25N3O the construction.

My taste buds can't detect the something that makes my mind,

My mind explore.

The fumes. Nothing, but  animates the world around

It surrounds me.

Translucent object thats reveals a subject for life.

It’s killing off brain cells but the memories kept playing back,

The walls are breathing,


I’m awake and the goose bumps has risen,

Sorry, “have risen.”

Is there a God? If so i can't see him

With my dilations, I kinda want to be Him.


Acid, you can never taste the paper but

The feel, the trip, the psychedelic,

Acid, it’s tragic, mind stagnant,

Excuse me, mind-manifesting,


I trip in life just to make the fall shorter,

Called for a blessing but no answer,

Why God phone die every time that I call on him?

The acid burns.

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