Lucifer, Our Great and Dark

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 18:49 -- ecimase

I would like to discuss the Devil

Lucifer, root of all evil you may say

I've a new theory, listen if you will

As I speak of him in my own way

Evil and scary, is that what you think?

Excuse me as I let out a sigh

He's a divine being, a seraph with six wings

Maybe, you should go back and read the Bible

Guilty, about as much as a jail warden

Or, did you forget the meaning of his name?

"The Accuser," regarding our ability to sin

Each day, his treatment remains the same

He is the root of all evil, I wonder

Doing his job, like fire, wind, thunder

Do lightning or disease choose to kill?

Are we ever truly forced to sin?

Or does he test our spirit, heart, and will

His child, so maybe one of our kin

He was created to perfection, what's it mean?

His flaw was his human vanity and greed

And so, he is far more human than we see


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