Lucky star

What makes me smile?

Is it being popular?

Having the best car?

Or Having the latest technology?

Many would say it depends

But what makes me really smile is...

When the leaves turn a different color

I smile when the sun sets and rises in the morning bright blue sky

I smile when children laugh and play

I smile when people sing their favorite song

I smile when a new life is brought into the world

I smile because of life

Life is so precious like flower

When a situation doesn't turn out my way

I look out into the stars and see how bright they shine in the darkest of night

They give me hope they give me life they give me another reason for being

And remind me of how beautiful life is

How even the nights are cold and lonely

I can still look up and see faith in my life

These are the simple things in life that make me smile


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Our world
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