Lux Lunae


As the sun vanishes and the moon rises, our reign over the dark forest commences

No animal can stop us even the predators that top us, we hunt in packs

This is the key to our notorious attacks. Our prey become easy targets

We live in every location ranging from forests to white tundra. 

Territorial warfare is a common dispute between various packs

Anytime of day, whether Noon or Midnight, we are 24/7 hunters who arouse fear

Once our ear-shattering howl strikes the ears of our prey, they panic

And will be the last thing they hear before they feel our snapping jaws


Though, our numbers are depleting due to hunters and land expansion;

Humans are like a plague; they spread everywhere and take what's not theirs. 

My kind now has resorted to attacking them and killing their livestock, which ends up killing one of us

The only humans who have been fair to us were the Native-Americans, they relate to us

Despite Extinction being in sight for my kind, I will do my best to ensure safety for futuregenerations.

Remember; when you see the Night Sun, you'll hear howls everywhere where there are wolves.

Our shadows will appear in the Light of the Moon. 


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