The night sky brings old affairs
to trample my mind
into a heap of despair

The scent of your skin
It warms my mind, haunting
like a shark surrounding

Me, as I bleed free
From your passive hate
For me and what we once were

I close my eyes and you love me
Again, so fresh and naive
But I awake to the daylight

Shamefully glaring down at me
And I awake to reality
reminding me of my heartbreak

I enter another day of warfare
between my heart and my mind 
Fighting for their place on top

Everyday is an internal struggle
To take back the sanity 
That you stole from me

All it took was a simple six words
In a simple sixty seconds
After which you never gave me a thought

All I hope for, one day
is that my madness 
will disappear 

And that I will reciprocate with
the ability to say those six words
That created my madness:

I just don't love you anymore



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