To Make America Great

I won’t turn on the news when I watch TV

Because I can’t handle the things I know I will see

Instead I watch comedies and try to push them from my mind

I won’t worry about them if I pretend they’re not there, right?


Not every human gets along

We’re all different but the same

Feel weak but act strong

We’re arguing and quibbling over details and facts

We really need to clean up our act

There are people that are dying

And kids being shot

We’re in Congress pressing for laws

But more and more of us are not


I won’t be a part of that statistic

And silence those that are gone

It’s not time to stop fighting

We can’t just move on

Stop saying that crazy people are just going to do crazy things

We don’t give them the help they need

We don’t recognize what we should see


Stop trying to protect these people that kill

Say they were bullied, divorced and had a void to fill

If a Muslim killed three Christians we’d see it in an instant

But another white Christian kills and we resist it


It’s not freedom if it’s only for the rich

Only Christians and only the white

It’s freedom if everyone get’s it

And it’s freedom because it’s right


But now you’re waving your flag

Like you know what it means

And preaching the freedom we are allowed to receive

But so many people still are not treated the same

You’re yelling America the Free

But we’re done playing your game


Where were you when you said

That everyone is equal?

Or did you just mean

The one’s that fit your definition of good people?


I am so sick of hearing, make America great again

When were we great?
With our slaves?
With our wars?

With our unemployed?
With our greed?
With our silencing of minorities?
We have never been the best

But we know what we need


We need freedom


For men and women

For everyone in between

For everyone left drifting

We need love

Not more hate

To make America great

This poem is about: 
My country


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