Make Life the Best!

Life is something that you should make awesome

No matter what harsh things may come your way

Like a sleepy sloth, it can be tiresome

But all the negative thoughts you have, you should slay!


Student loans, bills, taxes and such

They're not fun to think about

Like a soldier, keep your head high up!

You'll survive through it, no doubt!


Living your life is an amazing experience

Making friends, getting jobs, starting a family

So make your life what you make it!

Stay positive, and you'll make it through happily!


Going shopping, going to work, going to school

Is a part of life, which is something amazing

Think of it in a good way, because it's cool!

Cause like a shooting star, life can be dazzling


Life is awesome, if you choose for it to be

The worse parts of it, you should never fear it's true

You can make it shine so bright, no one else could see!

So stay happy, and make your life dear for you!








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Our world
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