Make Me A Star

Sun, 05/25/2014 - 21:48 --

Put me in the sky so I can look down

               To see his every smile to hear every sound.

I’m hopeless, I’m homeless

                Without him, life is not even worth it.

So make me a star, I’d have a place in the sky

                My heart would feel peace, I would no longer ask why.

Help me Lord, I cannot do it myself, that would be an unforgiveable sin

                Instead of looking down, I’d be looking up from the bottomless pit within.

I’m lost and wandering for what once was, my heart is without a home

                But put me in the sky and I would not be alone.

Amongst the millions of souls who are no longer scared or saying goodbye

                Make me a star so bright he can see, put me in the sky so I’ll no longer cry. 


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