Many Things to Come

Tue, 08/04/2015 - 03:21 -- Trayvon


South Carolina (SC)
882 Water st
United States

Times are tough my life is Wretched

my visions and dreams right now are merley a sketch

many things that are to come ,striving not to be a bum

adding positives together to try and form a sum. 

I only think postive the opposite will subtract  from that.

The old folks are telling me its many things to come don't  worry

you're young dont stess but what im supposed to do when I see the

writing on the wall and its a mess. takeing chances  applying to scholarships hoping 

hoping I can somehow win a contest and get back to my mission and continue with my conquest

over my destiny hoping for the best  of me. Aye I dream of coming first not third like the letter C

they're many things to be done and many things to come.


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