A Mask to Avoid Embarrassment

The time to express myself.

It comes and goes over time. 

Just like when the sun sets and it does'nt show itself.

The dark takes over and I cover myself with mud and slime.


Outside in the dark,

the glowing eyes of many creatures watch me.

They're judgmental, curious, and they snark.

They try to embarrass me and get the truth that they can't see.


While I run and run and run,

the creatures follow until I trip.

They have fun and fun and fun

as they claw and peal my face in which they rip.


Tired and unable to speak,

I lay watching the creatures leave with the truth they seeked.

I fall asleep with thoughts that are bleak

wishing that my truth hadn't leaked. 


Sun rises with light!

As I wake up covered in rotten thoughts and fright,

I rise with might!

and I brush off all that troubled me last night.


Attempting to walk again,

I climb one last hill.

Now that the creatures were in their den,

I can finally let my truth show but with little time to kill.


I wish those creatures never existed.

Now, they all know about my learning disability.

Along with my social awkwardness that increased their rumor's agility.

But my confidence will keep me assisted.


Atop the hill I climbed,

I spot the end I longed for.

Very distant but excitement chimbed.

I might get there before tonight comes for more!


I run and run and run!

It's a race with the sun! 

Not making it there will cost me a ton!

Soon it will be done and done and DONE!


Tripping face first in the mud,

a thought hit me.

What if the end is only a bigger flood?

A place where there is only more embarrassment and criticism to see?


As the sun is setting quick,

I already hear the giggles and rumors from the creatures!

I sprint to the end before one can take a wick.

I reach the gate finding out that it is locked for sure.


While I grip the bars and shake the gate,

the creatures attempt to peal the mud off my face,

but not before a light flicked and shined great,

scaring all of the creatures back into their place.


Soon, the gate opened and closed behind me. 

Along came a wise old man with a band of teenagers behind him.

Some of them were masked while others looked free.

The old man wore no mask but appeared dim.


The place around us shined bright.

Not only by the lights,

but also by the joy of the night.

There were no more frights.


After introducing myself,

the man assigned me as part of the group.

Hoping that the teens won't treat me like an elf,

I gladly remove the mud off my face in a swoop.


Not only showing what I was bullied for,

I showed that I'm a tuba player.

I even showed what I hid from the creatures who wanted more.

It was my courage to continue no matter the pain layer.


Doing so encouraged a few to do the same.

One told me he has been on that same path full of monsters as me,

While another one said she had no confidence until another one came.

We also noticed truth in ourselves that we didn't see.


A few told me what the very truth in me was,

A very nice girl.

Inside me then came a burning fuzz.

People used to call me mean in a twirl.


With those miserable days behind us all,

we all performed talent.

Marching past brightly lit walls,

and remembering our efforts that were gallant.


The truth I see in everyone,

it is that we're all afraid to remove our masks at times,

Even for those who embarrass for fun,

becauses a call to do it chimes.









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