Masked Empathy


I cry for the boy that lost his mom

While others shrug and say "Life goes on"

My soul aches for the homeless and poor

They say "It's their fault. They could do more"

I give the starving dog a morsel to eat

They scoff and say "Don't reward the thief"

My heart is beating outside my chest

This compassion can't be put to rest

Raging emotions might make me look weak

But I've been taught to turn the other cheek

I've concealed my empathy for far too long

At the world's bidding

But this is me, and I find it fitting



I wrote this poem because sometimes I think that I am looked down on because of the deep sense of empahty I feel for other people and the harsh circumstances they endure. I put my heart into this poem and I hope you enjoy it. 

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