High school is a masquerade ball.

People in disguise fill the halls.

The girl with too much make up, the boy with three tattoos. We won’t be friends with these people, we think we have too much to lose.

Every morning we each put on our mask for the world. We feel that we need one, even if we’ve never been told.

We are careful to never let our masks fall. All we want is to be noticed at this masquerade ball.

The loudest, flashiest mask usually wins. You’re called something mean if your fake lights are too dim.

If you want to change groups, just change your mask. Don’t think about yourself, don’t think about your past.

They don’t care, the people with masks like yours. But know this- they don’t want you for you, they will always want more.

Sometimes I wear a mask, too. With it, I fit in, but I want something new.

All of the flashy masks are taken, I guess Walmart ran out. That’s not what I want anyway, I have no doubt.

I don’t want to be flashy, I don’t want to be loud. I just want to be me, that’s what I finally found.

So I took off the mask.


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