The Masque of the Squire

Through his life in good and strife

          A mask did he wear.

On face a grin, but not within

          And smirk he did not dare.


On a whim, this boy so grim,

         Soon to be a knight.

"Why," quoth he, "Should I be

          Hidden safe from sight?"


To the mirror he walked as he talked

          Of future wars and feasts.

Calm he seemed until he screamed

          Seeing only beasts.


From the mirror he fled, filled with dread

          Of horrors he did sow.

Ripping masque away, he began to sway,

          Finally seeing the beast below.


Ballads are sung and bells are rung,

          And children laugh and play,

But Sir Knight will not see, for he,

          In solitude chose to stay.



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Hello!  I am very influenced by poetry from people like Edgar Allan Poe and Herman Mellvile.

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