May She Rest

My best friend

Amazing, perfect and pure

Fighting depression strong

But it seems the depression won

For she has taken last breath

I wish I could've stopped her death

I know death comes to everyone eventually

But that doesn't stop this empty feeling

She wouldn't want to see me crying

Knowing this though, isn't helping

She was smart and she was strong

Fighting, hiding all along

She had a fake smile

It had been there for awhile

And she wrote

Me a note

Telling me she would be happier

And for me not to cry

But as much as I try

I can't hold back the tears pouring

And I can't stop hurting

She told me

"I'm sorry I didn't say,

My mind was made up, wouldn't have mattered anyway"

I wish I could turn back time

So her death bell wouldn't chime

But I know alast

She is finally at rest

She feels no more pain

While I let my sadness go like pouring rain

May she be sleeping

At last at peace.

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