Maybe I Don't Want to Smile

"You should smile more," he says

I remain silent, now on edge, awakened

I pray my silence will be matched in return

Unfortunately for me, I am quite mistaken


"C'mon sweetie, why don't you smile for me?"

He walks up to me, I feel heat in my face

I walk on, both angry and afraid

I keep my silence, but he keeps my pace


He doesn't speak for a while, but I'm terrified inside

His fingers are busy, "casually" brushing my thigh repeatedly

I'm scared to run and I'm scared to stay

All I can do is keep walking, though defeatedly


We walk on for two blocks before he speaks again

This time it is to mutter "Stop, where are you going my friend?"


I don't let myself speak, afraid of his reply and reaction

I soon reach my destination, immediately running inside

Full of busy people, my witnesses

Now in safety, I cried


For some this seems normal, maybe even every day

But I am five foot two, eighteen, and I was very frightened

A man far older than I, brushing up against me

Trying to touch me as my face whitened


He stared at me, followed me, wouldn't leave me alone

Why is this not emphasized in the problems that are shown


I came into full realization this year of the fear girls face

About being groped, raped, or taken without a trace


There is a fear attached to catcalling, and rightfully so

But some people have started thinking it's just a show


We're putting our girls into dangerous places

Where men begin their chase by critiquing our faces


I've changed a lot this year since that day

And I refuse to stop fighting until these fears are taken away


We cannot CANNOT let this continue, I fear it

And I will advocate for women until everyone hears it

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Jan Wienen

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