Maybe I'm not ready, but I will be

I'm just a girl

full of thoughts and ideas

I have something to say to people

but they aren't ready


I have a voice, melodious and lovely

a dance so beautiful

a love so abundant it must be shared

still, they are not ready


or maybe...maybe I am afraid

of this world full of critics

waiting for anyone to slip up 

so they can tear them down and slander their name


I am talented

I love to sing, dance, love

I have conditioned myself to keep quiet

when so many parts of me are bubbling over ready to burst!


I say that they aren't ready

ready for the greatness I know I possess 

but maybe it is me who is not ready

not ready for success


Thoughts of 

what if I fail, what if I succeed

consume my mind daily

but what if I succeed? what if?


I won't know the outcome until I try

but I know that people need to hear me, they need to see me

maybe I'm not ready now

but one day soon, I will be




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