Maybe Not the Same Way

Fri, 08/02/2013 - 22:59 -- cogan


I read poetry as a way to find beauty within the world
Even when I believe the world has been irreparably corrupted
By the big names of the corporations who trample souls to get their way

I write poetry as a way to explain the inexplicable
To explain the monsters that keep me up at night hiding
In the shadowy recesses of my mind that one rarely dares to adventure

I write poems for the mothers, brothers, grandfathers, sisters, sons, and fathers
of the young children our country sends off in the name of freedom to fight its battles
while we sit at home envying others for material items we do not have.

I write for the children who could not afford to go off to college
So instead they signed their own death warrant 
As if that's the only option the land of the free offers to its high school graduates

My counselors say I have something called "social anxiety"
A disorder that can be easily remidied by a pill
I think that social anxiety is just another way of saying that I am smart enough
To understand that the face of humanity is so horrifyingly ugly

So I write poems to explain to others that perfection is ugly
that failure, disorder, and chaos are the definition behind the word "honesty"


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