I'm here to tell you a story about me

A story about a boy from Mississippi

Telling the story is as easy as 1, 2, 3

And it's quite interesting, just wait and see


As a little kid I wasn't big at all

Compared to other boys I was kinda small

But when I got older I became kinda tall

And that's when I found Wilson and began to ball


However, when I started, I didn't want to play

But once I played I just wanted to stay

If I could, I would play everyday

But it seems like I do nothing but delay


And I'll tell you something else I love to do

Playing the drums is something else I'm attached too

Even though drums rank at number 2

It will be something that I will follow through


Of course, I like poems, they always help to mend

And didn't I say this poem was easy to comprehend

I hope you can share this poem with one or a few friends

Now I have to go, and this poem is at an end


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