This is ME


I am ME,

And only I can see

Through the filters,

Into the center

Of my self.

I am ME.

The best I can be,

Without care

Of how my hair

May look in a picture,

Because I have the scripture.

I am ME,

And I can see

The world alone,

Where it is thrown

Into a light

Saved by God's might.

I am ME, 

And I can only plea

For an end

To the cruelty so that we can mend

Our broken hearts

That is filled with darts

Of hateful actions and words

So that we can be as free as the birds.

I am ME.

Only I can see

The real me

That wants to be

Free of the mess

And all of the stress

That the world has become,

And become numb

To all the hate.

Let us become great, 

And stand tall

So, that if we fall

We all have a friend

That can mend

The broken picture you took

So, that you can finally look

At the beauty within.

That you can see your inner skin,

And you are no longer off kilter

When you see that there was no filter. 

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Our world
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