This Is Me

i eat, i sleep and i breath writing. i goto school and sleep with a pencil beacuse i love writing. people fail to realize this me. My poem is your poem because you can relate. Reading and writing is something i promote today. Ima  reader, ima actor and all the above. You ask me where it all come from but its more than skin deep baby this is me! I try so hard to break this wonderful habit the grammar so smoove, my words so deep noone is ready to read, because they dont understand this is me. I give my thanks for those that support, i went to journalism schools all my life so this is what i do. Im deep into a poem like im deep into my heart, if you at where, im at then you know this is me. This is the end and that's all i can say. If i keep walking this world today, my words will walk along but as a open book, ready to be read. I read to extend my knowledge, i write to let go the pain, i feel, but im going to keep it real because this is me. If i didnt let you in enough to get where im coming from, then i guess im going to have to do this again till you get it. My hurt wont change, but my life has a plan, never hold on to the negative because you could. Find something that will help you express your good. I am, who i am and i will remain the same. This not just a poem, this is part of my future.  If you dont accept it thats fine, because these are not just my words, or a rhyme, this is my testimony, baby this is me!!

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