Why can't they see me?

I mean of course they look

But just at my face and not my mind

They see my size and my innocence

And think it'll be easy to get between my thighs

They measure my features and not my heart

They'd rather know my body, than my art

They like me until I let them know

That it's so easy for me to say no

I mean, yes I could give you me

But not the me that you all want

I can give you my focus and my dedication and my inspiration and my thoughts

But that me just isn't good enough for you

The real me isn't real enough for you

You want a me that acts like the rest

Like the girls that think love doesn't come without sex

And the girls that let guys make them

And the girls that let guys depreciate them

But I can't give you those other girls

I can only give you the intellegence and the cleverness

And the laughter and the love of me



Love this. ^^


Thanks so much!


this is beautiful i love it alot i can so relate to this


Sometimes I think I'm alone in my thinking so it's good to know I'm not alone. Thank you!


I love this a lot. Would you mind checking out my poems? 


Thanks a lot. & sure.

Imani Sophia

you go gurl! tellem!


thanks girl!


You have no idea how much this touched me. amazing. 


It touched me to know that I touched you actually. I appreciate all the love I'm recieving.


I love this, you are an amazing poet, you have expressed your self so beautifully:)


thank you! I appreciate your beautiful comment more than you know.


This poem is so amazing, it gave me everything.


It gave me everything to know that this gave you everything. This comment made my day!


i love it guys and girls don't understand that girls are beauitful and have beauty that 

can make anyone love ,you . girls i know that are such beauitful people inside and out but

give themselves to yourself ,you love him and sleep with him then he is gone

the game has been played. girls want someone to say i  love you ...well here I LOVE YOU!

someone up above put you on this earth  because  your worth it ,you mean something to

this world . to all girls everywhere u are queens know and believe it 


I loved your poem. I can def. relate to it!


I love it! That was a very enjoyable poem.
Favorite line: the real me isnt real enough for you.
Make sure to check out some of my poems and tell me what you think.

Ego Finale

Favorite line: "The real me isn't real enough for you."

It's sad, because all of us thought that way at some point.

The fact that you're your own person really shines through here. Amazing work.


I like this. It's intertwined with truth and grace (:

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