Sun, 10/21/2018 - 20:19 -- Peachy


Address the “you”

Who is “me” “you” “I”?

The multitude of omnipotent augmenting masks?

The ever flowing stream of made up emotions?

The cutesy character, username, the ideal to be?

Who do you like more?

The growing twisting vine of “her”?

Is it “I’“me””You”?

Remove layers but the vines have already consumed too much to see between them.

Who is “You” “Me””I”

The turmoil of lies that never cease?

Not allowing who or whatever truly lies within to emerge.

The spite and rage harbored to which one?


Its okay!

Today will be fine! I love me!

Who should I play today?

Beneath the mask wondering

Will this ever growing  parasite stay?


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