This is Me Authentically

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 21:19 -- jahmani




That I am but that I am not only

​I was born in this world, this world full of phonies

​I thought I was free, thought they'd get to know the real me 

​But because of my color some still don't accept me

I don't really care

​Since young my mom told me life isn't fair



My mind they deprived me

​But my soul redefined me

​Because who I am is who I want to be 

And who I am is the minority

​But I will not be discouraged because that's what they want from me



I am a strong independent young woman

I do nothing but my best to make sure my future is a success

True to myself and true to others

Never will I be belittled and put down 

​Never will I let ignorance make me frown

Living life to the end, setting all the trends   

Taking pride in myself and my actions

Being responsible for my mistakes

​And from my mistakes I will grow bigger than my fro

I put the L.I.V in LIVE

And unlike E I'm not silent

I will be heard

And I live life like a bird



What makes me is the love I share

Why waste life being a big ugly bear

I am beautiful no matter what people say

But looks doesn't complete me

Skin doesn't define me

My personality is everything

Because the only thing that matters is what's inside me

I will be successful

I will be somebody

And all of these things are what makes me Jahmani

This is me, authentically




This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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