Me, Me

Let’s see. Would I do all my homework or finish the chores?

Would I lock then go back and check all windows and doors?

Would I stay up all night watching season after season?

Would keep my mouth shut or still give my reason?

Would I take what I know now, go back and act cool?

Would I make sure I tried much, much harder in school?

Would I go fix my first impression on that girl in ninth grade?

Would I make sure before bed time, I bowed down and I prayed?

Would I have avoided that girl and the heartbreak I’ve now?

Would I have read more of my Bible, memorize every thee and thou?

Would I do anything different, I’ll tell you the truth

I wouldn’t do anything to change my youth

My past is my past and my past makes me, me

So I’ll continue without a change and live happily


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