Me, Myself, and I Without You (Forgiveness and Acceptance)

I used to wake up flawed
and put my heart on a shelf
thinking I had to make room
"There's no room to love yourself."
So I dipped down and put my nose to the grind
Stones were thrown at me just to remind
Me that no matter what I did
I'd always be second place
With cellulite in my skin
And acne on my face

And even now some people
try to put me down
because my hair is black and coarse
And my skin is brown

But the most difficult lesson 
I've ever had to learn
Was people are usually wrong
And use their words to burn
Because inside their insecurities are making them flame
And my seeming self-acceptance
Made them scorn my name

I was just a bystander 
in the way of their perfection
and they could only see a stranger
staring at their own reflection.

But those insecurities 
are what made me see:
The only opinion that mattered,
was my opinion of me

So go ahead,
And do the most
But there's nothing to earn
From this hateful roast.

You no longer affect
My opinion of me
And I'm the only one 
With which my heart will agree.

My soul cries out 
For people like you
Who're bitter and spiteful
With all that they do
And I strive to protect
The future generations of me
Who'll grow up with future you
And maybe your side, will see

But until the moment
When that call is made
I can dance and be joyful
In my solitary parade
Because I, Myself
Believe in Me
And your view in anything,

I will not agree.

For everyday
Only me I shall see
Myself, flawless
Flawless Me


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