Me, Myself, and Myself


Me, Myself, and Myself

This is everyone I trust

I've been fooled and taken over

My personal safety is a must


Me, Myself, and Myself

These 3 are my bestfriends

Im sure they won't ever  hurt me

And they'll be here to the end


Me, Myself, and Myself

They are quick to judge everyone else

They see liars, cheaters, and hypocrites

But they never see themselves


It's quite a shame really

How protective they are

Nothing ever penetrates them

They always observe from afar


But I'm praying for that perfect day

The one where they don't feel this way

That day decide to let someone in

That day they will have their first true friend


This world is a cold place though

Why should they take the risk?

Bc with one dagger to the heart

You might as well just slit their wrists


I'm here to speak for all 3, hello this is Me

I am an individual that fears no one at all

Yet I keep my bandaids ready, I am anticipating my fall


So I say, hit me with your best shot

I am equipped for anything that is dealt

Just know. You injure me, you injure all 3

Now you have 3 enemies.. Me, Myself, and Myself


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T. Talbott

Love it! I always feel strange about commenting on other's's like you're commenting on a piece of their heart, I just don't feel deserving of that. Anyways, I really liked it. Sometimes all you really need is You.

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