The Me That No One Sees


The me you see is the me everyone expects to see

Hidden behind my hair of gold and my eyes of blue

There are many things that may or may not be true

My teachers and peers, for nine months they see

The one who brushes off the silent stares, the snarky remarks,

The you're below me judgments of the cool kids

The disaccord of a teacher's willingness to help

Because of the popularity standing


The waves of air passing from my mouth

That is actual words that no one hears because they don’t want to listen,

This all buries me behind and under tons of curtains trying to be perfect

In everyone’s world but my own


Relief comes in those glorious three months of the year

Freedom to be me

My eyes sometimes change to green and my hair tipped with color

Reflecting my personality I rebel within myself

Thinking the what-ifs to reflect and hopefully change the World in someway


This  is a world where my true feelings and thoughts can be seen and heard

If you only step into me and listen as well as see

You would live in my dreams, looking through my eyes

So blue to see what is true

What makes people feel good and loved

To feel the freedom, to be who they are


When I am grown and can do the bidding

I will be the difference for others

To be seen and heard

The true me for twelve months instead of three



To be seen no matter my size,

My clothes, money I have, sports I play,

Or the car I drive

Somewhere the curtains can be lifted or closed

And your friends will still see and hear you

And know who you are behind the gold hair and blue eyes

Even when you want to be different sometimes




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