Me in Piquant Stew


There was a girl with beautiful short hair,

Blonde as wheat, once so long she chose to share.

Pale as parchment with a spread of freckles,

She enjoys foods with chocolate speckles.


Her eyes shine as blue as the Arctic Sea,

And, though her wear is plain, her dreams are key.

Her need for something more drives her all day,

Joining the Corps of Cadets is her way.


A bookworm and a Doctor Who fangirl,

Her love for school makes her a hidden pearl.

Although she is told to stop and fit in,

She just turns and gives the world a wide grin.


"I love who I am and all I stand for,

Flawless in my own way, not just a bore.

I know you cannot understand my ways.

Makeup is not my thing. I love essays.


I love poems and rain and cats in my lap.

Learning and passion are not just a trap.

But I will be me, and you can be you.

That is what makes this world a piquant stew."


When times get too tough, she cries out to Christ

Because by the world she has been enticed.

Although times get so rough, strong she will stand,

And on the hard world, her mark she will brand.

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