Me as you know, you as you see.


United States

17 years young still don’t know who I am

17 years young I still don’t understand

Without the music, the pictures, the friends

I still try hard to make a trend

I just got to comprehend

The world is just pretend

I’m intelligent

Never arrogant

I’m humble

Never let my grades stumble

In them pics [picks]

People think I just got here in a click

No I’m hardworking

Never cursing

Always surfing

For new opportunities

Always knew life didn’t give no immunity

Maybe that’s where I get my beauty

Maybe that’s how I know how to write poetry

Yes, I know my potential hasn’t been reached

And I won’t give up

& I just started with a speech

About me
One thing for certain in this world

Without #Nofilter or the pearls

I’m just a special ordinary girl

So you see what you see but behind that filter

I’m nothing familiar

Just a sister trying to be a builder

God is my only pillar

Behind the flash

Nobody knows my past

I can’t really describe it

All I can do is just thrive off it

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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