Men and Women


I don't care for men, women neither

Men walk around as if their genetials have swine flu fever

but then women are the beaver

We chop down our own trees, but then claim men are the enemy.

Men aren't any different

they'll say they're done with sin, then fornicate with your best friend

She's the devil, pretty faced with illuminating lies

Men are the foolish flies that go for the web

& get trapped everytime.

He is the butcher of most women's lives

They slaughter our fragil innocence with their harsh and brutal knives

They are the contracrtors of our forests deep within our souls

They cut down the trees of our hearts

just to conquer our jewels and our gold.

Women are the weak sloths that stay in place

she watches the predetors ruine her life and lets her offspring be eaten by snakes

She will choose a man over her own daughter or son

She will allow him to inject his venom and believe dying slow is fun

Men and Women is what I don't care for

It is the endless battle between the Ocean and the Sun.


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