The Mental Truth by Alicia Baldwin Mental illness plague each one of us


Mental illness plagues each one of us

They wear us down, we want to quit

As if our everyday hardships weren't enough

We put up walls to mend our broken spirits


Titles of disorders get dropped everyday

By those who can't and don't understand

"Ignorance is bliss," they say

As if bipolar, ADHD and OCD are planned


They gawk and squeal words seemingly informal

Making digs and burns with each of their shots

So we conform to society's definition of "normal"

"Get in line," we say, to tell us we're not


We see countless doctors and try all their pills

Who see us from an outside perspective

They stamp us with the title of "mentally ill"

Which the world sees as culturally defective


We can't help but want to change their minds

But we sit in silence hoping things will change

We try to leave the names and labels behind

Hoping to stay out of the firing range


There needs to be a movement

So people change their thinking

Spurred by our society's self-improvement

That happens without blinking


We can spur on and be strong

For ourselves and for others

Hinting that what they think is wrong

After all, we are sisters and brothers


With this ending we can be sure

The ending will be a grand finale

For this ending will occur

And the end will start a rally











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