minefield: a terrible attempt at poetry 2

recalling bad memories

is like unknowingly walking through a minefield

and suddenly you cant yield

so your mind flies

as your body stays behind

and you know before you see it

you’re too broken from the hit

to be fixed right.

some of us fear death

and some of us fear dying

there are ghosts in this room flying

around our heads

tonight we wont go to bed

and ill be trapped in my head

my heart may still be beating

but i know I'm already dead.

i know I'm over heating

and i can't escape from

the silhouettes of monsters

that are walking towards me

i am hunted and shot

by the truth 

im too lost in my head,

i know I'm already dead.

but i don't want to be dead quite yet


im scared to open my eyes

i wish i had known about this mine


recalling bad memories 

is like unknowingly walking through a minefield.

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