"I'm done," she says to herself.

As she stares into her eyes through a mirror she's used many times before. "Fuck it, I give up!" She cries out, as the impact of her fist to the mirror causes it to shatter to pieces in front of her. She's broken. She's given up because she's not ... Pretty enough. She's been called fat and ugly since before she could even spell so why keep going .. She thinks to herself. No matter how many times she looks in that mirror, she'll never be "good enough". She looks down, the pieces of the mirror scattered on the floor and she picks up the sharpest one. Brings the piece to her wrist, exhales a breath and slits her wrist. Again and again. She'll never be good enough they said. This girl who has a 4.0 GPA, but not the straightest of smiles. This girl who's received every honor roll award in school, but doesn't fit a size 2. This girl who, can ace a test like she had the notes in her lap, but doesn't have a flat stomach.. Isn't good enough. At least that's what she's been told.. Right? She can't bear the physical pain anymore so she stops. "I'm not good enough" she whispers, wishing for her life to stop.

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