A mirror. 

Most people have one hanging in their room

Keeping them hanging on each flaw they see

Why I let it keep hanging there, keeping me behind its surface

I will never know


Society solely sees the sorrowful reflection that I portray

People don't see the real me because I don't see the real me

Withme aggravating and antagonizing myself

How could I be me?

I am a mirror image of myself


But, it's time to break free

Take the shatters of the remains of this reflection

and put it back together again

Where I can put the real me together for the first time

Then, the world can stop seeing my mirrored image


And, start seeing the me who laughs at the corny jokes

The me that genuinely cares if you have a bad day

The me that can't wait for the future


I can now forget the past of looking at my flaws

And, look forward to the future that allows me to embrace them


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