Miss (A)frican (M)exican (E)gyptian (R)omanian (I)raqi (C)hinese (A)rmenian

Freedom of speech

Or freedom to be rude

Freedom of religion

More like freedom for discrimination


Let’s get real here

People are racist

Especially my generation.


I am ashamed of people my age

They laugh at girls with hijab’s on

They make jokes about the corner store owner being a terrorist

He’s Indian, by the way

Not Iraqi

As if it matters

 “They’re all the same” to you


America is a melting pot

People from all around the world

Come to this country

To find what’s in store


Not Miss white, blonde, blue eyes


When I think about America’s future

I am frightened

The fact that our country

Is to be in the hands

Of people who can’t see past the color of someone’s skin

Or their religion

Or their clothes

Makes me sick


Nina Davuluri is stunning

Try looking past her skin color

And seeing the light in her eyes

Try ignoring her last name

And listen to her words

She is intelligent

She is an American

Born in America

 Raised in America

And sadly

Overcoming racism in America.

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