A Misunderstood Beauty

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 15:07 -- Harold

Make-up, lipstick, nail polish, clothes. Skinny, prissy,that's what everyone knowsabout Barbie. Is she smart or is she dumb?Is she nice or rude?Does anyone take the time to find out?Do people just judge too quickly? She walks down the street in her long red coat,boots, purse, and phone in tact.People stare, make mean facesShe looks like she doesn't care or notice.Do you think she does? She hears gossip. She gets paranoid.She puts up a front, like she's confident.She hears what people say about her.She knows what people think about her. Not everyone is like that though.Some people are really nice. They get to know her.She has friends who like her, and she likes them. She is nice.She is smart.She's not mean.She's not dumb.She's loving, caring, and a good listener.And the people who are close to her heartknow this. A friend is really what she is, but she's too nervous to show it.She's nervous because people judge her too quickly. And to them everything she does is wrong. She needs to forget about them, love herself,love the people who love her.Why can't she forget?Simple. She is a damaged survivor of an early childhood BULLY. 


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